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  • Excursion to Prague

    von Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Junge 7. Juni 2024

    First time that we did this type of excursion. It was held in our new Master course „packaging technology and (intercultural) management“. The targets were: improve & use of english, deepen the knowlegde of packaging industry esp. in other country/culture, team building and fun.

    First stop was a break at Melnik where Elbe and Moldau meet; the unexpected highlight was a Christmas market in summer (due to movie shootings).





    The first company stop was at Thimm Packaging (on Insta) to see corrugated board production, printing, die cutting & gluing. Also the new technology of laser cutting to produce very fine/slim extraordinary designs.

    At the factory tour we saw how they are produced.

    THIMM Obaly

    THIMM Obaly

    THIMM Obaly

    THIMM Obaly




































    For dinner we went in a typical Czech beer garden. Where we also visited the beer production and filling into kegs. (thanks to our sponsor Hans Demanowski)


















    The second day started with the visit of Panflex, who does flexo printing plates production.

    In the privat museum we could see modern art and Czech cubist furniture.














    (unfortunately the beer-belly became to „round“ to be cubistic anymore ;-)
















    On the last day we visited the factory of Sachsenmilch / Müller in Leppersdorf, where we saw a big scale of different products and filling machines. Furthermore we learnt how 4 different actual packaging projects/developments had been tackled by different engineers.