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  • Easy Shopper – der modernste Einkaufswagen der Welt

    von Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Junge 21. Mai 2021

    EDEKA in Berlin-Wannsee has started in summer 2020 a new shopping cart experience. Today we tested the easy shopper system. Please find our impressions and explanations below and in that video.

    • Please watch the two videos on the above blue left first!

    Things which were not mentioned so fare, are described now in more details:

    The cart has two integrated scales, to check the weight of the scanned articles which is then calculated and checked for plausibility… to prevent that people put articles without scanning into the bag. The camera on top of the cart is also a control unit, doing pictures of your purchased articles and comparing them with the scanned list, too.


    Next to the these „safety“ measures there is a very cool feature in the screen. You can select nice different menus and you will get a shopping list and the description for preparation. You can select the experience level (easy/medium/hard) and also the time & labour level. The needed articles are automatically added to your shopping list. By adjusting the number of people/servings the quantity of the articles is automatically adapted… well – might be tough for our friends from Hello Fresh in the future.

    Also „Netto“ goes smart & digital with the new Digimarc.

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