Die Dose „Neben Flaschen die wichtigste Handelsverpackung für Getränke und seit den 30er Jahren unverzichtbar“.
  • А team of BHT and NUFT students returned after internships in educational and research institutions in Germany

    von Student 8. März 2023
    Having gained new knowledge and competences in the printing and packaging industry, and unforgettable impressions from the trip, a team of BHT and  NUFT students returned to home after internships in educational and research institutions in Germany.
    Let’s summarize the results of the internship:
    • Before the trip the NUFT students visited the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, where they got acquainted with the laboratory equipment and research processes of the properties of packaging materials and the impressive book collection of the University’s library.
    • All students completed training courses and conducted laboratory research on paper and cardboard manufacturing technology at the training center for paper production specialists in the city of Gernsbach.
    • Studied the preparation of raw materials for production, the basics of technological processes and equipment for paper production, automation and control systems, the basics of colour theory and the main properties of paper and cardboard.
    • Learned to use modern laboratory equipment and independently conducted experiments and testing.
    • Got acquainted with the process of paper production for tea bags during a tour of the Glatfelter enterprise. The production uses Abaca banana fibers as raw material, which allows making bags that do not tear in hot water and do not spoil the taste of tea.
    • Together German and Ukrainian students successfully passed final exams and received certificates.

    Positive emotions remained from the rich cultural program – together they walked through the ancient town of Gernsbach, enjoyed the spring landscapes of Baden-Württemberg. They made full use of the infrastructure of the Papierzentrum in Gernsbach: they played bowling, billiards, played sports in gyms, held warm meetings and established contacts in places for relax.

    Working in a team students made it possible to improve English and establish business and friendly contacts.







    Thanks to the organizers and sponsors of the internship: