„Granulat“ Kunststoffgranulat. Das Rohmaterial zur Herstellung von Kunsstofformen jeglicher Art.
  • Study online – cooperation between Beuth & Clemson Uni – „Packaging-School“

    von Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Junge 26. Februar 2017

    A new way and good opportunity to practice and improve online your English and packaging skills. You can join as a Beuth student the highly professional courses of the packaging school for reduced fee of 75 USD (usually the price of a book). But here you get a lot more: online teachings, videos, photos, explanations & presentations. Clemson is since many years our cooperation partner. A couple of students took some courses or even did their Master studies there. And by the way – our lecturer Ebül Sirmats did it also some years ago. If you don´t have the time or the money to go abroad you can now join the online courses here.  Have a look into the course programme.

    Interested?:  contact Prof. Hurley from Clemson, Prof. Junge or Prof. Dr. Sabotka for more information.