„Granulat“ Kunststoffgranulat. Das Rohmaterial zur Herstellung von Kunsstofformen jeglicher Art.
  • Congratulation to two winners of the German packaging award

    von Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Junge 28. August 2022

    Two very interesting concepts were awarded for the German packaging price one from our Ukrainian partner university NUFT in Kyiv from Olha Stepanova and the other from Nina Aulig and Shireen Walde from BHT.

    The concept „Cardboard packaging for yogurt cups with educational function“ of Olha illustrates very well that packaging (can) also have a social benefit/added value. The focus here is on the educational function. In order to teach Ukrainian children the Latin alphabet and the English language early and in a playful way, the secondary packaging is provided with a child-friendly exterior and interior print. This packaging thus offers a socio-cultural and didactically very valuable secondary/additional benefit (reuse & added value).

    Since the blank is applied without gluing, it can be easily and non-destructively removed and unfolded and collected for learning. The product illustrations on one side encourage the child to give the answer, which can then be found on the reverse side, as in a quiz.






    The concept „EggSteck“ from Shireen & Nina was awarded for the following packaging solution:

    In the past few years, the trend towards cooking at home has been fuelled, also due to corona. This has increased the need for a solution to a long-standing packaging problem. When shipping fresh, uncooked eggs, the customary fibre packaging cannot withstand the stresses of transport. A solution had to be found to transport the fragile eggs whole to the orderer. This problem was demonstrably solved by the sender. This egg packaging withstands the dynamic stresses of transport and thus also solves the issue of food waste. The egg literally floats to the user. Due to the reduced contact surface of the egg with the packaging and the lateral fixation, the egg can no longer break. A solution that convinced the jury to award a Packaging Award 2022.